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Signs to Recognize If My Garage Door Spring is Broken

Most people think that the garage door is opened and closed by the motor. Although the motor does have its share of work in opening and closing, its function is comparatively minor than garage door springs. Most of this job is done by garage door springs. As garage doors are used more frequently than other doors, they will start to wear out over time, eventually resulting in a broken garage door spring Sacramento problem. Continuing to use worn-out garage door springs can be risky as well as compromise the security of your house. Therefore, it’s good to take time and recognize the warning signs that indicate you have a faulty garage door spring that needs repairs or replacement.

It’s vital to act proactively when you suspect there is something wrong with the door spring, as problems can escalate if not attended on time and you may end up with a damaged door that doesn’t work properly.

Below are some of the top signs it’s time to repair or replace your garage door spring(s):

Your door closes too quickly

Your garage door may either have extension springs or a torsion spring. Both types release the force when it closes and takes up the force when it opens. If the door closes too quickly or suddenly, you may have a broken garage spring that needs to be replaced.  


Poor maintenance is the most common reason why garage door springs become faulty or broken before their usual lifespan. So, if you view rust and corrosion in your garage door springs, it’s a sign that you may experience door spring problems soon. With regular garage door maintenance, the issues such as rust and corrosion will get noticed by the professional garage door repair Sacramento experts before they start to affect its functionality.

●The door jerks when it lifts and lowers down

Broken garage door springs result in creating an unbalanced garage door. The springs provide a pulling force while it moves up and lowers down. If the springs are broken, it will cause the entire system to be out of sync. As such, it may jerk in case the door contains two spring systems or become crooked while going up and moving down.

The door opens partially

The springs provide the force to lift the weight of the garage door. So, when the springs become faulty or get broken, the door will open partially and will not open up completely  This situation may be confused as a problem of a broken garage door opener rather than a broken spring problem. Before this problem become worse and it may lead to new garage door installation Sacramento, contact professional garage door service.

●Heavier to lift up

You need to check if the door can lift manually or not. To do so, firstly, close the door, and detach the automatic opener system. If you feel so heavy while lifting and refuse to remain open, the springs have likely worn out or have a problem.

Published by Eudy Door Co.

Eudy Door Co is the leading garage door repair and installation company. We have been offering our services in Sacramento and nearby locations for over 40 years. Our main motive is to satisfy our customers by providing affordable garage door services. Whether you need a technician for an opener door repair or broken spring repair - Trust us.

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